DISCUSSION of the Zhanbolat's film Mamay

Zulmat. Genocide in Kazakhstan

with a historian Radik Temirgaliyev


On April 28, 2018 on Artcom Platform there was a discussion of Zhanbolat Mamai's film “Zulmat. Genocide in Kazakhstan ”with the historian Radik Temirgaliev.

The documentary film “Zulmat” (“Calamity”) by independent journalist Zhanbolat Mamai, consisting of five parts, sequentially provides information from Kazakh historians about two periods of the Famine - in the 1920s and 1931-1933 - and reveals its reasons. According to the historians speaking in the film, the main reasons for the Famine of 1931-1933 were the dispossession of the "bais" who opposed the Soviet regime and the policy of mass collectivization pursued by the Soviet government in 1927-1928.

Historian and publicist Radik Temirgaliev shared with the audience his professional impressions after watching Zhanbolat Mamai's film “Zulmat. Genocide in Kazakhstan ”.

photos: Balnura Nusipova and Aruzhan Zhumabek