Коллаборативный ВОРКШОП от художника и куратора Вато Церетелли

и итоговая ВЫСТАВКА молодых художников




The next reality is a collaborative workshop from Vato Tseretelli , an artist, curator and founder of the Tbilisi Contemporary Art Center with TEDxAstana supported by Artcom.


Vato Tsereteli is an artist, curator and creative administrator. He studied cinema in Tbilisi and received his master's degree in photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp (Belgium). Tsereteli's artwork is two-, three- and four-dimensional objects with a well-structured spatial organization. He works in digital and temporary media as well as painting, graphics and 3D media. In addition, he curates exhibitions and recreates public and private spaces in artistic and social settings.

Vato Tsereteli has curated the international art exhibition "Appendix", as well as numerous exhibitions and projects in Georgia and abroad. In 2010, he founded the Tbilisi Contemporary Art Center, an institution that takes over abandoned places and turns them into urban creative recreational areas. The center serves as an educational, research and exhibition space for artists and art professionals. In 2012, Tsereteli initiated the Tbilisi Triennale, a long-term project focused on education and research. The 1st Tbilisi Triennial, called Offside Effect, hosted 13 independent art schools from all over the world, and the 2nd, entitled SOS Self Organized Systems, reflected various forms and strategies of self-organization and self-initiative.


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The next reality is an exhibition following a collaborative workshop from Vato Tseretelli

Thinking about such personalities as Leonardo (art and science) Gandhi (spirituality and politics) and, finally, about physical achievements in the Guinness book, the question inevitably arises: what real potential does each of us have?

An artist or professional creator, uses a variety of methods: rational, intuitive, casual, contradictory, aesthetic, these methods are legal to articulate in any area of ​​life.


Art can be about any topic, which means that an artist can provide a unique perspective for any context.

This short and intense collaboration is proven proof that time is crumbling and enormous material is compressed in limited time and space, giving participants the opportunity to sketch out large social, political, environmental and other projects.

Next reality


This exhibition is the result of collaboration between 14 contemporary artists from Astana, project curator Aigerim Kapar and Georgian artist Vato Tsereteli. The workshop was organized within the framework of TEDxAstana "Second Breath" with the support of the creative communication platform ARTCOM PLATFORM and Astana Business Campus


The project is an experience of transition from individual creative practice to social one. The participants were tasked with applying creative thinking to enrich social reality. During the 9-day workshop, artists had to find the ability and potential to develop and implement large-scale, systemic public projects in a short time.

Aygerim Mazhitkhan

Aygerim Ospanova

Aisulu Shaikenova

Anar Aubakir

Aruzhan Zhumabekova

Balnura Nusipova

Bakhyt Bubikanova

Gulmaral Tattibaeva

Eldana Aimukhametova

Kuralai Meirbekova

Laura yeskozha

Madina sargali

Nastya Leonova

Fatima Omir

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