LECTURE by Dmitry Melnikov, Master of Philosophy, doctoral student at the Free University of Amsterdam, senior lecturer at the Higher School of Economics, KAZGUU University named after M.S. Narikbaev.

Asking memory and the steppe: space, time and rethinking identity through the artistic practice of Askhat Akhmedyarov and Saule Suleimenova


Art Collider - a free educational project held a lecture “Inquiring memory and the steppe: space, time and rethinking identity in the work of Askhat Akhmedyarov and Saule Suleimenova, Dmitry Melnikov - a philosopher, HSE University of KAZGUU named after M.S. Narikbaeva, Free University of Amsterdam.


“Askhat Akhmedyarov and Saule Suleimenova are famous Kazakhstani artists working in the genres of contemporary art. With all the difference in approaches and vision, they are united by work with a special subtle matter, which can be called reality, the fabric of experience - individual and collective. Askhat and Saule propose a new artistic expression of national self-awareness - they are interested not so much in the great political, ideological narratives / myths of Kazakh, as in the desire to understand their own Kazakhness, its modern actual meaning, inextricably linked with the feeling of the tragic past. In the works of artists, time and space are not abstract categories, but configurations of life, experience, and self-experience of modern residents of Kazakhstan. Thus, in the works of Askhat and Saule, memory often becomes sensual and tangible, since the very material of these works (for example, clay, historical photographs and images) can carry bodily / temporal configurations of the past. In his performances Askhat transforms space / place into a material environment, a material for creativity. Saule does something similar over time, using special techniques and techniques to manifest nothing but the matter of memory. Askhat's creative insights and intuitions found fruitful artistic development in the film "The Way" by Evgeny Lumpov , dedicated to the artist's work. The film presents a visual and meditative study of the steppe phenomenon, where it appears as a transcendent, all-encompassing meta-space. "


Dmitry Melnikov - Master of Philosophy, Master of Eurasian Studies, PhD student at the Free University of Amsterdam. Senior Lecturer at the Higher School of Economics, KAZGUU University named after M.S. Narikbaev. Research interests: philosophy of religion, philosophy of literature and art, contemporary Russian-language literature, interdisciplinary studies of time, memory and trauma, geopoetics.


On the poster is the work of Saule Suleimenova

Steppe pastoral. 2015

Plastic bags, polygal. 140x212 cm.


Poster: Aygesha Ospanova