Stories We Tell, Stories We Tell: Cultural Experiences on the Navajo Reservation

Speakers: teacher of rhetoric and writing skills at NU

Maria Deikute and director, musician, head of the NU theatrical faculty Leonid Loginov Katz


Lecture “Stories We Tell, Stories We Tell: Cultural Experiences on the Navajo Reservation.”



Maria Deikute is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts School of Fine Arts and the University of Brooklyn Department of Anthropology. Author of essays, articles, poems and libretto in Russian and English. Works were published in collections, magazines, anthologies, were nominated for the Pushcart Prize. At the moment, her area of ​​interest includes literary translations of modern Kazakh poetry and the study of the culture of the indigenous people of Europe and America.


Leonid Loginov Katz, director, musician, graduate of GITIS, founder of creative teams in the USA and Russia. Head of the theatrical elective at Nazarbayev University.



Two Russian Americans - immigrants, professional artists (writer and director) are trying to establish a "life of art" in the American boondocks on the Indian reservation and in the border town, through the organization of a youth theater studio and writing seminars. Where they come across quite different ideas about the importance, necessity and applicability of art and how the historical realities of colonization and oppression in the past determine the attitude towards obtaining knowledge-expression now.


What I would like to talk about:

About the context of knowledge and art and the context of teaching and learning and the difference between the “equal” and “authoritarian” teaching model.


About the historical context, what is the reservation, what difficulties and problems of postcolonial perception, what relations with the rest of the narrative in society regarding the Indians.


About stories and mistakes, about how we imagined our work and stories that we would like to stage, hear and a radically different idea of ​​the Navajo teenagers themselves about what stories it is interesting to tell them themselves.