ЛЕКЦИЯ Есета Есенгараева, социолога, кандидата исторических наук

Дискурсы традиционализма и модернизма в постсоветском Казахстане



Informal school Art Collider held a lecture "Discourses of traditionalism and modernism in post-Soviet Kazakhstan"

Eset Esengaraev - sociologist, candidate of historical sciences.

Leading researcher at the Institute of Economic and Legal Research of the Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsoyuz.

What we know about society, regardless of whether we consider it an objective reality or a historical construct, is the result of this or that version of sociocultural knowledge.

The problem of development in the modern world is inevitably linked to the problem of the relationship between modernization and tradition. Modernization has become an all-embracing and all-pervading need of the current historical era. But most countries are unable to overcome the gravity of traditional institutions and therefore have to constantly combine attempts at modernization while maintaining the dominance of traditional values ​​and symbols.

In my lecture, the problem of modernization will be considered on the basis of the cognitive paradigm. From the point of view of cognitivism, society is a phenomenon that is based on arrays of sociocultural knowledge and is reproduced through various discourses and narratives.

In this lecture, I will provide theoretical and empirical arguments to confirm that the content and structure of institutions are critically dependent on the type and content of sociocultural cognitions.

With an insufficient level of provision with sociocultural cognitions, the desire of members of a society to create new institutions ends not in the creation of holistic formations with stable and effective typifications of social relations and figures, but in the appearance of only their fragments.

The entire history of mankind, and especially the history of modernization, testifies that new institutions arose only under certain cognitive prerequisites, and their absence or inadequacy turned out to be actually an insurmountable barrier to the modern development of society.


Eset Esengaraev is a specialist in the problems of social institutions, identity, modernization, social and personal development.

Author of the books "Society, Institutions and Social Science" Karaganda, 2017; "Management as a Socio-Cultural Phenomenon" (co-authored), the book is scheduled to be published in April 2019.

Published in scientific publications in Kazakhstan and Russia, as well as in various print and electronic media in Kazakhstan and Russia on social and political issues.

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