"Auyl picnic: reading" with artist Aruzhan Zhumabek. Reading books published under the Bolashak Academy project

"Karlag: memory for the future" outdoors

All books are available in our library, you can come and read:

1. "The black pencil of Karlag ..." N.O.Dulatbekov

2. "Artist of old Karaganda Vladimir Eifert" collection.-Karaganda RIO "Bolashak-Baspa"

3. "Repressed Architecture" E.G. Malinovskaya

4. "Lev Premirov: Confessions of an artist Karlag" compiled by: Dulatbekov N.О.

5. “Karaganda in the destinies of artists: V.A. Eifert, R.A. Grabbe, G.E. Vogeler "Yu.G. Popov

6. "Alexander Leonidovich Chizhevsky: in Karlag, Steplag and Karaganda" Yu.G. Popov

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

Thanks to everyone who came, shared stories, opinions, music and mood.