Art intervention at the National Academic Library

Republic of Kazakhstan



Art intervention took place within the framework of the International Conference Cultural Text of Astana on August 23-24. The purpose of the art intervention is to find new ways of interaction, functionality and disclosure of the possibilities, potential of the Library for the citizens and guests of Astana.

Based on the results of the intervention, the best proposals will be considered for further implementation.


Curator: Aigerim Kapar

Time & Astana art intervention series (vol 1-3)

5.10.17 - 21.4.18 - 28.4.18

Art intervention as a study of the city's body, art practice - we will jointly "master" and "domesticate" the city through performances, artistic actions and gestures.

An attempt to make changes in the everyday life of the city. The art intervention takes place in preparation for the Time & Astana: After Future exhibition.

Curator: Aigerim Kapar