OPEN CALL for an online course with artist and curator Vato Tsereteli

Art as practice

until 07.05.2020, results

ARTCOM platform invites artists and everyone to an online course “Art as Practice” with artist and curator Vato Tsereteli *

Open call is open until 07.05.2020, 14.00

“Art as Practice” is an intensive collaborative course designed for those who want to enrich their life with the practice of art, namely drawing or painting, or both.

Avoiding academic ideas about art, starting from the assumption that everyone is an artist, and that artistic practice is, first of all, training your creativity. You will be given the tools to support your growth.

Method and structure.

In the introduction, you will gain an understanding of how artistic practice enriches your life, allowing you to create what you are not already aware of. The method includes 12 guiding pillars that you can further use in your practice. Through which the main ways of artistic thinking and activity will be revealed.

After the introductory session, participants will create papers and present them in the next session in order to receive constructive and concrete feedback.

Each session will individually and collectively review your work, after which you will return to it and apply what you learned during the sessions. You will receive a perspective on your individual creative path, as well as personalized advice based on your practice.

The final session will focus on developing individual strategies for the future artistic development of each participant.

Venue: zoom

Duration: 5 sessions of 120 minutes

Schedule: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, May

Time: 14.00 - 16.00

Payment: You decide after completing the course

To participate, you must send a motivation letter, CV, portfolio (if any) to before 07.05.2020, 14.00

Possible number of participants: 15

* Vato Tsereteli - artist, photographer, curator and creative administrator; he studied cinema in Tbilisi and received a master's degree in photography from the Royal Academy of Arts in Antwerp, Belgium.

After returning to Georgia, he began organizing start-up institutions and platforms that open up new opportunities for the contemporary local art scene.

Examples of his initiatives are the Caucasus Center for Cultural Development (Media Art Farm / Institute of Photography and New Media), the Cumbo group (free space for artists) and Georgia's first Center for Contemporary Art (educational, research and exhibition center, platform for artists), which he created and where he continues to teach and collaborate.

Vato is also the founder of the Tbilisi Triennial, a long-term project that lasts almost ten years and is focused on education and research.

Visuals - Aruzhan Zhumabek