ЛЕКЦИЯ Алмаса Жунисбай, санжароведа, научного сотрудника Института истории и этнологии им. Ч. Валиханова

Жизнь во имя науки — о роли и месте

Санжара Асфендиярова в истории 


Almas Zhunisbay: "I will tell you about the life and work of a prominent scientist, an outstanding state and public-political figure, the first Kazakh who was awarded the title of professor, organizer of two universities of Kazakhstan - the current KazNPU named after Abai and KazNMU named after S. Asfendiarov, the center of scientific thought - The Kazakh base of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the creator of the first scientific works on the history of the Kazakh people, a direct descendant of the Kazakh khans, a victim of political repression - Sanzhara Seitzhafarovich Asfendiarov.

From the lecture you will learn a lot about his origin, family, about his years of study, military medical activity, about participation in the national liberation movement in the Turkestan Territory, about his contribution to the fight against the famine of 1918-1919, about his work on development health and medical systems in the Turkestan Republic, guidance on the implementation of land and water reform, on the chairmanship as the plenipotentiary representative of the Turkestan ASSR in Moscow, on activities in various commissions on national-state demarcation in Central Asian countries, on work in the highest bodies of the authorities of the RSFSR and the USSR and his contribution to nation-building, about his ebullient organizational activities at the head of scientific and academic and scientific and educational institutions in Moscow and Almaty, about his work on organizing the fight against hunger and epidemics in 1931-1933, about the history creation and writing of his books, about how he was declared an enemy of the people and subjected to the highest measure punishment - execution, about his scientific heritage, about the first sanitary experts and much more. "