ART COLLIDER. Space of Interaction


Educational event within the city festival SPACES.Nur-sultan

Our partner - Expo 2017 Astana International

Curator - Aigerim Kapar



Soros Foundation - Kazakhstan

URBAN FORUM Kazakhstan


Track ART

The "Art" track was opened by curator Aigerim Kapar with a video presentation about exhibitions and urban art interventions of the ARTCOM platform, which took place in the capital since 2017.

Artist Aigerim Ospan spoke about her project to create a community of neighbors “Korshiler” and shared recipes for involving neighbors in the life of the yard.

In his speech, the artist Askhat Akhmedyarov spoke about how life in the capital influenced the development trajectory of his work and reflected on the contemporary art of Kazakhstan.

The invited curator and artist from Moldova, Vladimir Us, spoke on the topic “Development of public spaces through cultural activism” and presented the practices of artists from Chisinau.


Track CITY

Sociologist Darkhan Medeuov opened the track “City” with a lecture on the hidden power of social ties, then Ilyas Danyarov , founder and director of the independent theater “Attraction Playhouse”, gave a performance. Architect Askhat Saduov shared innovative approaches to urban planning and plans for the Urban Center.



In the track “Science”, the author of the books “Eternal Sky of Kazakhs” and “Four Clouds”, culturologist Zira Naurzbaeva shared her toponymic research and mythological meanings of the capital. Ecologist and ornithologist Ruslan Urazaliev revealed in his speech the concept of “Steppe” and its interaction with the City, as well as presented the prospects and possibilities of the project of a natural park on Lake Taldykol. Philosopher Dmitry Melnikov spoke about how contemporary artists and poets of Kazakhstan use space as a tool and object of their creativity.



In the track “Creation”, guests took part in creative projects from Kazakhstani artists and architects. Designer Laura Eskozhina held a workshop “Astana Reflective. Reuse ”on the restoration of clothing items, and the artist Aisulu Shaikenova presented an interactive game“ Jaqyn sozdik ”, in which the participants learned the Kazakh language through the art technology of collage. Architects Maya Sagymova and Saniya Ibullaeva, authors of the “QalaU” project, together with the guests, built a city from scrap materials on the principle of participatory design. Also, the guests got to know each other through the interactive game “TUISU” from the artist Madina Sargali, and at the art project “Aul Picnic: Bailanys” they played “Bingo” with Aruzhan Zhumabek.